Friday, May 18, 2012

Shipment that was illegal or beyond normal risk

Question : why do you say that plants sent wholesale are not refunded or replaced whatever the cause if the shipment was illegal or the risk was too high ?

Answer : below is the excerpt of Aleyagarden's conditions of sale on this matter. To illustrate our point let us see some situations of control by phytosanitary agents in an importing country : for instance they may have doubts about the age of the plants, that should legally be under two years; as they cannot prove the age, or if they could they would not do it ( because of the added cost , added work etc ) they investigate more thoroughly the plants until they find a pest : acarid, spider, traces of insect etc - ( it is worthy to note that the stocking places or the laboratories where the plants are examined may themselves harbour such populations ! ) The reason for rejection of the plants is then found but the cause was a doubt about the age of the plant.
An other cause of interception may be for instance a doubt in relation to the name of the plant, here again the phytosanitary service would not try to prove that the name is wrong and they would instead perform an analysis until a cause beyond doubt is found for the interception.

Phytosanitary controls may sustain state policies : Australia can close its border to plant and fruit imports just by finding causes of interceptions during controls.

Other causes may pertain to the dormancy of the plant ( a plant can be said dormant with one source of information although it is not for an other source ) , the way it was defoliated .. More often than we think, work relationship between phytosanitary agents and importers can be poisoned by vexations and .. retaliation. As it is always possible to find causes of interceptions on all plants, whether or not they were thoroughly treated and cleaned, importer and exporter must be aware of the risk and agree in advance on the burden of the liability.

excerpt of Aleyagarden's conditions of sale
" We replace or refund the plants only if the cause of destruction or return is mentioned in an official certificate and if this cause is not related to importers' misinformation regarding plant import rules or does not coincide with importers'indications or absence of them that made the shipment illegal or subject to an abnormal phytosanitary risk : whatever the cause of interception in such situations we do not replace the plants.We request whenever possible a copy of the importer's permit. "

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